#28: EcoIslands Bioremediation Technology Paves Path To Global Expansion with Bioreactors & Permacyclers

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Global awareness and interest continues to rise for EcoIslands LLC’s patented bioremediation systems. Biomining Products and Permacycler, offers a compact, affordable, scalable and highly modular, even portable way to clean a host of freshwater pollution problems.

Most recently, we found ourselves at Bauma 2019, the world’s largest building materials and mining expo, held every three years in Munich, Germany.  Thanks to the help and support of SAP&DC, in conjunction with the U.S. Small Business Administration Global Access Program, EcoIslands was able to access Bauma’s 620,000 attendees from all over the world.

About The Technology

The Biomining Products MRU (metal removal Unit) and the Permacycler represent flexible configurations of our patented treatment system that leverages bioremediation, self organizatiopn, and the power of a wetland, concentrated into a modular remediation system.  

“We are the best at treating the worst, in the smallest footprint.” ~ Colin Lennox – MRU Inventor

Our systems can be used to make existing water treatment infrastructure more efficient. It can also allow new, or changing projects to skip the installation of expensive, permanent infrastructure altogether.  Our systems are becoming more and more attractive to active mining and refining organizations, bonded legacy sites, watershed organizations, food processing centers, agriculture, grow rooms, fishing organizations, lake and pond owners, property management firms, and anyone requiring the maintenance and balance of freshwater cycling.

At Bauma in Germany, we met with several large organizations who are now specifying our systems as a time and money saving asset in their toolset.  Interested countries include Turkey, Finland, Peru, Brazil, Japan, Israel, Germany, and the Netherlands.

Meanwhile Back At HQ, in Pennsylvania

The addition of automatic, remotely monitored flushing systems continues to make steady and careful progress.  Several pre-orders has us deploying our automated systems to active sites, treating polluted water this summer. (2019)

Rollout Of Automation

The ubiquitous application and demand for this technology has caused us to develop several sizes of our systems.  Depending on client needs, site specs and budget, we can treat a range of flows, with each size unit having increasing peak treatment efficiency rates.  Our systems simply stack in parallel, or in series (load and flow pending) to create customized treatment models, where you only pay for the treatment and automation levels you need.   

Depending on the amount of maintenance required (concentration, type & flow rates), and ease of site access, you have several options to meet your budget. We have found clients asking for a wide range of service levels, so depending on the budget and ease of site access, you may want to consider an installation of manually serviced systems, or one of our more automated systems.  Automation can be simple, with time actuated flushes, or with more advanced remote actuation and monitoring systems for sites with limited access. For more information regarding service intervals, maintenance costs and even system price quotes, contact information is provided at the bottom of this article.

Lowest Cost Per Gallon Of Treatment – Relative To Lifetime Service  at 50+ years

Depending on the site, flow and loading, we are beginning to see where our customers can really save money in the immediate, and over the long term, We also gladly relieve the headaches caused by site obsolescence, service lifespan and maintenance costs. Our simple systems can allow easier, low cost maintenance and life spans longer than any other systems we’ve found.

Get a Quote Today

If you think any of our solutions might be of benefit to a project in your awareness, or under your direct care, please share this information with your colleagues, or get in touch with us to receive a free bid.  With over 12 active sites and counting, get on the fast-track to saving money and time, with our low maintenance, scalable and modular solutions. To expedite the quoting process, have your lab and field data ready as well as a basic site description and requirements.  Email Lisa@EcoIslandsLLC.com

Research & Education

Join organizations like Princeton University, Smithsonian Institute, Penn State University and others who have worked with our systems in their quest for the advancement of clean water.  As a small and relatively young organization standing among industry giants, we are always looking for the next cooperative project with research institutions, nonprofits and others looking to stay on the cutting edge of bioremediation.  E-mail Colin@EcoIlsandsLLC.com

Meet Our Team & Join The Conversation

Join our private Facebook group and gain access to what is probably the most condensed body of bioremediation scientists and professionals the world has ever seen.  EcoIslands has 2 PhDs on their board of directors, and has ample connections to the industry, from those with their hands in the soil, to those collecting data and everything else in between.  Facebook Group

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