#39 : Natural Attenuation, Ecolonomic Action Team

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#39 : Natural Attenuation, Ecolonomic Action Team.

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Mark: Hey, welcome everybody, this is the Ecolonomic Action Team.  We’re are back with Colin again.  So this is going to be exciting everybody. Week before last week Colin gave an amazing presentation on this platform right here and he is back. […]

Colin: Alright, Mark, its a great intro, thanks as always. Ok [… ] So this is going to be an extension of two weeks ago.  I featured the second [part] of self selecting bioreactors and that’s what a wetland in a box is.  I’ll get into what that is, but a little more specifically today, we’re going to be talking about wetlands joined to a greenhouse, and that is fundamentally what a permacycler is.

[We’ll be] talking a little about the applications of self selecting wetlands as carbon water and nutrient cyclers for enclosed and semi enclosed agricultural habitats.

For all the weed heads out there, this technology developed directly from my experiences out in Portland, Oregon.  [I was] doing some indoor grows and building [our] first nutrient cycler and [realized], hey, you can recycle more than that if you just put everything together [&] connected.

Know what the cycles are. Know what to look for when something is going wrong and how to correct it.  These are the experiences I want to share with you today.

So what is a bioreactor.  In some ways it’s easier to talk about examples first. What you are looking at there is one of our MRUs, metal removal units, one of our older versions.  And that is a site called Klondike near Asheville Pennsylvania. I’m based in Altoona, PA and this is just 10 minutes up the road. Its a site where the mine had been for coal and there was a lot of pyrite in the load…

Keep listening for more on self-organizing wetland bioreactors (Sowb’s) and PermaCyclers with Mark and Colin.

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