#27: Primary Treatment Gets an Upgrade at Upper Eagle

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Hi All, Colin here, and back to show you the latest manifold upgrade with Bentley Development Co Inc. from Blairsville PA.

Following the success of MB Energy’s Deitrich MRUs + manifold install, we’ve been retrofitting systems and making manifolds standard on all new systems.  Costs are a bit more, but functionality and labor savings are, well, watch the video…

The mine drainage water entering the MRU’s, (2) Mk307’s in series, is from a combined seep collection trench and a buried but aerobic lime drain.  The combined influent is a stable pH 7 with flows of about 10-30 gallons per minute, seasonal.  These units we installed in 2017 and upgraded November 2017.

The new manifold flush system drains to a micro-pore filtration bag for metal sludge capture and de-watering, capturing commodifiable metal oxides and sulfides.

The MRUs, during operation, remove iron floc and are followed by 6 treatment embodiments.  The sixth set of treatment vessels are (2) Mk307 old model MRUs, installed in 2014, which we upgraded and are getting ready to put back in the ground.  Once in place, MRU’s will be functioning as primary iron treatment and primary manganese treatment at the tail end of the system.  This bracketing of the treatment process, primary treatment to tertiary for a host of metal and BOD impacts, using varying organic matrix and reduction/oxidation potentials, demonstrates the power and versatility of a manufactured, self organizing wetland bioreactor.

Alright, done with the technical stuff.  Check out the video, see how it works, and give us a call with your mining or agriculturally impacted water concerns.

Happy New Years!




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