#22: PermaCulture and PermaCyclers: People using Semi-Passive Bioremediation Technology

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Hi All!!!

Its been a while since i blogged and much is going on at EcoIslands.

Our PermaCycler work has garnered the attention of large water treatment firms and also the PermaCulture Education Institute under Dr Alan Enzo.  Alan got a hold of me several months ago after he came across the webpage in his research and outreach.

“Dr. Enzo (also known as “Enzo”) is an award-winning researcher and consultant in Sustainable Business Development, Ecological Economics, and Permaculture Design. He works on projects in Nashville, TN, Asheville, NC, and internationally. Enzo is also a registered Teacher and Consultant with the Permaculture Research Institutes in Australia and USA. He holds a Ph.D. in Management (specialization in Ecological Economics), and an M.B.A. in Sustainable Business from Tennessee State University.” https://permacultureglobal.org/users/391-alan-enzo. (Sept 23, 2018).

He was interested in the technology and applications of self selecting and organizing wetlands (MRUs/PermaCyclers).  Over several conversations we decided to team up for his next permaculture certification course (and its about time i got the cert myself, I’ve had the text book for years).  I’d offer an Advanced Permaculture Course on wetland bioreactors and permaculture aid (during crisis), cuz thats kinda my thing, at one of their next on-site training classes.  With our new Mk301 ready for a photic top and lid, having a durable, tested and proven PermaCycler along with us will be a great way to instruct on the finer points of nutrient, water, and CO2 recycling.

Up Next, more on low pH iron oxidation in acid mine drainage!



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