#9, Self Selecting BioReactors (SSBRs)

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Greetings, and welcome back for another raucous, riveting, riot of self selecting bioreactors!.  Its time for another episode of “You bet your bioreactor” with your host Colin Lennox.  (Thanks Mike McGrath!!)

I presented the following (link: self selecting bioreactors) to a class for Dr Jim Julian at Penn State Altoona last month.

In it, I lay out the basics of microbial self selection and how it is harnessed to clean water, recycle carbon, nutrients, and human waste.

Slides include brief discussions on BioReactors, a bit about biofilm, feedback loops, the four major components of SSBRs, steady state, TED’s TEA, metabolic pathways….

Self selection bioreactors are both complicated and the simplest damn thing in ecology.  What is needed is the embodiment (a scalable modular reactor) with its growth matrix, the river that runs through it, and a pollutant (aka the energy/carbon source/metabolite).

The biofilm that grows, and cleans the water is determined by the water going through the MRUs/PermaCycler.  Knowing that this is a thing and how to bend it to your purpose is the complicated part, haha.

This presentation was also uploaded to slideshare with our other latest presentations.



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