#13: Solar Wetlands, Merging PV and Self Selecting Bioreactors

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Hi All!!    I’ve been working with/for Dr Rich Flarend, CEO of Ground Hog Solar, for about four years now and we’ve got half a megawatt under our belts (500 kw or about 1500 panels).

We’ve worked together so often that we now share the same crew for  jobs.  The solar array featured in the blog banner is a 15 kilowatt system in Shanksville PA.  Troy is the big guy on the ground, followed by Ethan.  Travis McNellis of Altoona is on the ladder.  He asked that his face be withheld due to concerns over Icelandic Witness Protection.

Its really important that an inventor gets new perspective and experience.  Its a great way to discover new needs and solutions.  I’m a water guy, electricity rightfully gives me caution. (don’t ask about the ditch witch).  After working with PV and studying batteries, I’ve gained new insight merging off grid solutions and MRUs/PermaCycler’s.

Those combinations enable MRU peak efficiency and so much more.  Running automated dosers, recirc pumps, remote sensing and control, and biocathode and bioanode potentials (haha, get it!) are all solar electrified.

Other applications of off grid recirculation are Lakes and Ponds.  The PermaCycler is by nature a semi-closed recirculated system.

Our upcoming Agora embodiment combines solar (up to 80kw) mounted on shipping containers and large MRUs, (8-9) Mk5310’s also mounted with PV, to act as the permanent core for humanitarian/disaster relief and response.  I’ll write about how the self selecting bioreactor is a “threat divider” in terms of DIMES in another blog, but it is the natural extrapolation of the MRU technology

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